Abstract Art

Prints for those of us that think outside of the box. Check out a variety of digital abstract paintings and collages created by me, Jason Bessler.


Several years back, I developed a digital abstract style of art or method of creating abstract art. I call the outcome of this process “Photospheres”. I pursued Photospheres because they give me the ability to play and take chances and discover beautiful patterns and worlds without a preconceived idea of what they should be. They develop organically and rapidly as they are built from existing original work. I use a process that involves layering, cutting/pasting, and other forms of digital manipulation of one or more original photos or original artworks.

I simply rely on my creative intuition to transform existing shapes, textures, and patterns into something new and exciting. The process is most simply described as layering and manipulating images with a hint of digital painting.

Creating Photospheres is therapeutic as each one becomes a new experiment with no expectations as to what it should be. Many of them are failures, but when a winner emerges it evokes emotion and draws you in to explore all of its intriguing complexities and beauty. Most of them have no name, but I have given a few of them extra attention and thought as they were among my most exciting Photospheres

I don’t work on Photospheres often, but every now and then my attention is called into the realm creative abstraction. In reality, creating abstract art, to me, is are more of a break from my technical creative work. They cause a sense of freedom and remind me of the importance of play and having fun in my creative work.

If I had to sum up Photospheres and my abstract work in a couple of words, this is what I would say...Beautiful chaos.