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Hello! I'm Jason Bessler 

Northern Kentucky native, nature lover, and proud uncle of four little maniacs. First and foremost I am a visual artist. I graduated from The Art Academy of Cincinnati in the fall of 2014 with a BFA in illustration. My passion for visual art and storytelling has led me to become a published author of a fantasy children's book, The Witch's Mess. Now, I work to put myself out there and to build a creative business through which I can make the world a better place by utilizing my talents.

All my life I was labeled a creative person. However, I didn’t fully realize what art could be or all of the amazing possibilities it could present until high school. I took my first art class under the guidance of the greatest art teacher there ever was...that’s my perspective anyway. In high school I learned to truly appreciate the beauty of creativity, and discovered humankind's ability to fashion something out of nothing. I learned to notice and appreciate beauty in what was all around me, and to develop a foresight into the unknown….put simply, I just enjoy making new stuff!

My creative interests range from illustration, photography, abstract art, and writing. I appreciate many mediums and forms of art, but my current focus has been mostly digital, though I would like to make it a new habit to break out my traditional supplies more often. After all, traditional media (acrylic paint, colored pencils, ink, clay, etc.) is my roots, and all I used up until my junior year of college.

As an artist, I explore the beautiful and intriguing elements of our world as well as dream and design things that have not yet been seen, and tell stories that have never been told. Speaking of stories, did I mention my new children’s book, The Witch’s Mess? I authored, illustrated, and self published the book, and I absolutely love sharing it with new people!      

I am working towards reaching new audiences and marketing my new children’s book, The Witch’s Mess. It turns out, marketing to be tough and is an ongoing process that demands a lot of time and energy. I am new to the game of marketing, and there is definitely a learning curve! New ideas and projects are also in their early development stages, one of which is another children's book, but as I said, it is early, and there is not much to report at this time. Follow me on Facebook  @TheWitchsMess to stay informed.


Beyond my art, I am very much you. I have had many obstacles arise in my life...struggles with reading, comprehension, poor memory, and mental focus. I’ve experienced loss, struggled with anxiety, depression, guilt, and a great deal of self doubt and fear...but there is light at the end of the tunnel. My search for a new appreciation and zest for life has begun. I am working to come out of my shell, to create new and healthy habits and ditch old toxic ones. My health, both mental and physical have been more of a priority. I am trying my hardest to organize my life...I don’t know if it’s an artist thing or just me, but I am terribly unorganized! By no means is it easy to attempt a life facelift, but the moral of the story is...I’m trying!

I suppose I’ve told you all of this as a way of holding myself accountable and also as a personal reminder to do be more involved, active, creative, and grateful. Above all, I hope to discover a stronger sense of joy in my life as I pursue my goals.

Cheers to our dreams, yours as well as mine, and best of luck with your pursuits, creative or otherwise!


Take care, my friend, and thank you for stopping by.

- Jason Bessler

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Q: What is it that inspires you to create?

A: The desire to explore the beauty and intriguing elements of our world...The freedom to dream and design things that have never been seen...To tell stories that have never been told…To never get bored and have an ever changing and developing field of work….      

Q: What made you decide to pursue art as a career?

A: I pursued art because of my experience and introduction to art in high school as I mentioned above. Art allows me to dream, to explore, and to share tangible results with others. Spending countless hours working on a project, and watching a creation come together from no more than an idea is exciting and rewarding. My decision was supplemented with the encouragement I received from others.

Q: What are some of the highlights of your art career?

A: Seeing all of the people enjoying my work and hanging out at the “Stone Age Brewery” was great fun! I am referring to my Senior Thesis Show at the Art Academy of Cincinnati where I branded an imaginary brewery. I created custom beer taps, T shirts, coasters, and packaging...I even built a bar and two high top tables! It was pretty neat. 




My biggest highlight and proudest accomplishment to date is the publication of my new children’s book, The Witch’s Mess, which I authored, illustrated, and published.

Learn more about it here!


Q: What makes you a credible artist?

A: Artwork is very subjective. Everyone has their own likes, dislikes, and all sorts of opinions. But it is my belief that artwork generally speaks for itself. It is for you to look at my work and judge its credibility for yourself. I don’t believe degrees make one a good artist, however, I do have a degree, so I might as well share my academic accolades as an artist...since you asked ; ) In 2014, I graduated with honors from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, receiving a 3.85 GPA, with a BFA degree in Illustration.

Have questions, comments, words of advise? Please be in touch. You can contact me via email or by filling out the form below.

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.