Fleece Broom Blanket
Fleece Broom Blanket
Fleece Broom Blanket
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Fleece Broom Blanket

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Fleece Blanket from The Witch's Mess Picture Book. 

Purchase the book: https://jasonbessler.com/products/order-the-witchs-mess 


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Age Recommendation: 3 and up.  

Fleece Blanket Dimensions: 50"x60"

The Witch's Mess is a full color fantasy picture book that is written in rhyme and appeals to children ages three and up! The Witch’s Mess has a compelling plot, a gripping dilemma, relatable characters, and valuable lessons for children. On the surface, the book may give a child the incentive to clean up after themselves, but more important are the underlying lessons about relationships, compromise, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness. The lessons are accessible, but not preached.

Book Summary: The story line quickly dives into conflict between Brindal, a young witch, and her sidekick, a magic broom named Broom. Brindal has made a mess of things, quite literally as well as figuratively. Broom gets stuck cleaning up the literal mess. It becomes obsessive, leaving him with little time for anything else. All the while, Brindal just wants to go flying! As a gap grows between the two friends, Broom finally snaps! How will Brindal react? Will they ever find the harmony and adventure which they both seek? Spoiler alert...there will be adventure!

By: Jason Bessler

Illustrated by: Jason Bessler 

Purchase the book: https://jasonbessler.com/products/order-the-witchs-mess 


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